Venda Web App

LinkedIn Intern HackDay

July 2015

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  • Team of 5
  • Designed information architecture and front-end
  • Implemented front-end with HTML, SASS, JavaScript

[sh]out Web App

LinkedIn Intern HackDay

July 2016

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  • Team of 4
  • Did Flask backend with Couchbase db
  • Worked with Google Maps JS API



Introductory Game Design (CS 3152)

  • Novel action-platformer that allows players to "pulse" (reflect) off platforms to escape obstacles
  • Co-designed all levels
  • Interfaced between designers and programmers
  • Color, background and texture design


Team ShortFilm

Computer Graphics Practicum (CS 4621)

  • Team of 4
  • Used Autodesk Maya's Python API to export Maya Scenes into our framework
  • Rendered the scenes with our custom shaders and lights

Pokemon Showdown

CS 3110

  • Implemented the model and controller for Pokemon Showdown in OCaml
  • Interfaced with a Java GUI to update the view of the battle

Lord of the Cache

CS 3410

  • Wrote an AI bot that optimized writing to memory as fast as possible using a cache
  • Bot also inhibits an opposing from writing to memory


CS 2112

  • Critter simulator
  • Critters have rules / grammar which dictate how they mutate, attack, mate, eat, spawn, and die
  • Involved parsing & fault injection, synchronization, and networks


Personal Website

Aug. 2015 - Present

View on GitHub // kellyyu.com

  • Developed with SASS, HTML, and JavaScript, and Handlebars.js
  • Using Wordpress REST API to retreive blog posts, render them with Handlebars, and display on website
  • Using Gulp.js as JavaScript task runner

Cornell Measureless

Fall 2014

View on GitHub // cornellmeasureless.com

  • Team of 4
  • Implemented JavaScript interactivity
  • Added PHP upload capabilities and security features

Cornell BEARS

VP of IT

Aug. 2014 - May 2015

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  • Implemented variation of Gale-Shapely matching algorithm between mentees and mentors
  • Added PHP form and picture upload to Club Website